Introducing Billio

the creamy texture we crave in pure plant-based goodness

Billio is a Canadian food company founded and developed by women entrepreneurs, in collaboration with world-class research and development talents. With a deep-rooted understanding that food is a gateway to experiences, the brand has carved a distinct identity through its ever-evolving know-how and intuitive approach.

The brand’s refined design reflects its audacious side, while its unwavering dedication to respect, authenticity, and transparency differentiates it. Prioritizing ethical integrity, pursuing excellence, and embracing a natural approach, we set ourselves apart.

Join us as we continue shaping the future of food, offering unique plant-based alternatives.

Billio means:

best of both worlds

Billio is forward-thinking and stands for innovation, simplicity, excellence and joy! 

Billio evokes the gourmet side and innovative pole that defines us. Our uniquely crafted and playful brand name represents the best of both worlds by harmoniously blending the unmatched creaminess of dairies with the benefits of plant-based food, resulting in high-quality products that deliver exceptional taste and pure delight.

Born from the concept of unity, the prefix « BI » symbolizes the bond between two seemingly different worlds. The suffix « LIO » is a nod to smoothness, signifying our commitment to creating irresistibly creamy and delightful experiences that bridge the gap between traditional and innovative flavors.

Fun fact: « Billy-oh » is an exclamation used to express surprise, amazement or the greatest extent of something to convey a strong emotion. 

Curious? Taste it once.

Intuitive women-owned company

Billio is an intuitive brand, embodying femininity.

As a women-owned company, we proudly reflect our vision, bringing unique perspectives, innovation and inclusive work environments. We strive to make a positive impact and inspire others. Intuition is a conscious pillar of the brand, an initiator of movement and creativity, a necessary voice that, with its sharpness and clarity of mind, paves the way.

Making a difference our way

Our commitment to simplicity, reflected in our streamlined ingredient lists that ensure transparency, is further strengthened by our collaboration with sustainable and conscientious partners, fostering a shared vision of responsible and ethical practices.

We envision a world where plant-based options are celebrated, accessible, and beloved by all. Dedicated to bringing joy to both novelty enthusiasts and mindful individuals who value their well-being and the environment, we curate a delightful experience that leaves a positive impact.

Food is a celebration.